Why Chadash?


We exist to inspire a NO-EXCUSE lifestyle.


The goal is to provide a community of women with the opportunity to be fit.  We understand that being fit does not mean being skinny or setting an unattainable goal. When we say FIT, we mean living a lifestyle that allows you to be healthy both mentally, emotionally, and physically. An individual who is fit both mentally and emotionally possesses a healthy mind that is sound and worry free. The individual is consistently full of peace and joy despite their circumstances or situations. Moreover, an individual with a healthy body is constantly active and adventurous. We, at Chadash, exist to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle while being mindful of your priorities and full schedules. We want to help inspire women that are confident in all areas of their life. We plan on doing this through feasible workouts, recipes from your pantry, and establishing a community of like-minded people.


"Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as

healthy in body as you are strong in spirit."

-3 John 4:12


We want to inspire women to live a life set apart to God. A life that is in tune to the heart and the will of our heavenly father.



We want to inspire confident women, who will walk in boldness, freedom and joy.


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We want to provide the necessary tools to promote healthy living.