I Am David

In the past, while Saul was king over us, you were the one who led Israel on their military campaigns. And the Lord said to you, ‘You will shepherd my people Israel, and you will become their ruler.’ 2 Samuel 5:2

"Here I am tending the sheep of my pasture given to me by my dad Jesse.  I don't know why my brothers are never out here with me but at least I have time to hang out here. Sometimes while I am out here, I like to sing.  Just....about the art of tending these sheep...about God...about my emotions...just life itself.  They need my assistance. At the end of the day, I am still learning..but I am committed to the process.  Last week a priest came to town to talk to my family.  I was in these same exact fields tending my sheep when someone came to get me.  Apparently, this priest came to anoint me as king.  The strange thing is, I am still in this pasture now.  Everyone knows that King Saul is the king of Israel.  Hopefully things clear up soon."

I believe this season of my life reminds me of Davids story.  Although he was anointed to do something major for God, he didn't walk into his kingship right away.  There was time for development.  There was time to learn from people close to him.  There was even time for him to experience hurt from those same people.  But development is so important.  If David never experienced the lions and the bears of the wilderness while tending his sheep, how would he have defeated Goliath?  He wasn't ashamed of being in a place of developing his heart in a space where trusting was his only option.  


I seek to cultivate my worship relationship daily.  Some days are harder than others.  But what if I chose to extend myself to grace and understanding as I develop. Being a leader isn't easy.  But it's a good thing we are called to follow first.  

1) Take the little steps as seasons of development and appreciate those steps-

2) When called upon, step out in faith and know God has got your back-

3) Extend mercy to yourself.  The only person capable of a perfect repentance was Jesus Christ and since he was perfect, he had no need for the repentance that we needed in the first place. He sacrificed for us. That's why he died on the cross - to deliver to us that which we needed.  Be Compassionate to yourself.


1 Samuel 16 & 17

2 Samuel 5

Joseph Tynes