Don't Do Life Alone

The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”
— Genesis 2:18

I believe that one of man’s biggest fears is being alone. Even so called “independent people”, will spend their whole lives trying to fill up their time with one activity or the other in order to run from the reality of feeling alone. God created in us a desire for companionship. He did not make us to be alone, but to dwell in unity with his people. 

Think about it, when someone invites you to an event with unfamiliar people, how many times have you tried to drag your friends along with you, or that awkward moment in an unfamiliar setting where you take out your phone and text the one friend you know will respond right away. Oh and ladies those times when you were walking by yourself and you were afraid. I’m pretty sure you got out your phone and called that one friend that would stay on the phone with you until you got to your destination.

And even if you don’t have that one person to call in those situations, deep down you long for it. I remember a time in my life where I would literally scroll through my contacts over and over for anyone to text or call. It was honestly a place of loneliness and defeat. Let me tell you how easy it was to sulk and have pity parties for days! But God being God brought a passage to my attention.

 In the book of 1Kings 19, Elijah had just won the contest on Mount Carmel and killed all the prophets of Baal,  but a threat from Jezebel caused him to flee leaving his servant behind. Now not only was Elijah terrified but he was by himself. God appeared to Elijah, and in that meeting Elijah cried out to God saying how he is the only one still serving God in the WHOLE land (pity party). Don’t get me wrong he was having a hard time, but In the midst of fear and frustration he abandoned the one person that was in his corner (his servant). At times we could be so focused on the way we think our friendships should be that we fail to see the people God has placed around us. His servant was not necessarily a prophet but I’m pretty sure he would have followed Elijah into the wilderness. Focus on who is currently in your corner and make the most of that friendship you would be surprised at the places you all could go together.

 Reading on God responds to Elijah, reassuring him that He had his back. But even more interesting God let’s Elijah know that there were 7000 people who had not bowed down to Baal!! Are you so consumed and trapped in your own affairs that you fail to see the people all around you pursuing God? Think about it.

After the conviction subsided I made up my mind to step out and surround myself with people who seemed to be pursuing the same things as me. I became intentional with looking up Christian events that were on campus or nearby. I began to attend more Bible studies and small groups on campus; I made a habit of lingering at certain events. Now I did not let it consume all my time, but those days or evenings where I knew I found myself feeling lonely I chose to step out of my comfort zone. Let me tell you how God brought the most AMAZING people into my life. Yes I had to get out of my stupor but once I became intentional with my pursuit God honored it and brought friendships into my life that are literally blessed. I currently have a set of people that I do life with. People that cover me in prayer, people that are not afraid to rebuke me in love; they are helping me grow beyond my imagination. At times it felt like it would end up being me, God and my three cats. Here I am with people that I can walk with until they get old and wrinkly (yes until THEY get old).

Doing life alone is an option. Step out knowing that God desires to see you connected with people. No matter where you are there is someone that God has in mind for you to do life with. If we were not created to be alone why would our father in heaven not surround us with people that are lovers of his presence? Even in the workplace, seek God for that person that loves Him well. Let God open your eyes. Don’t do life alone.


Amaedi Etukudo