God's Leading Lady

I LOVE being a WOMAN!!! I LOVE purple, I love to BAKE, SHOP and DRESS UP! I love decorating my home; I love being an encouraging nurturer, and I love walking in supportive-sister relationships with other phenomenal women! I absolutely LOVE being a woman!!! I fully embrace who God made me to be, and I am unabashed in walking fearlessly in my God-given identity as a WOMAN.


More than being a woman, I LOVE being a LEADER! I love being proactive and taking action to achieve my highest aspirations.  I find that there is nothing quite like receiving a vision or mandate from God and being released to pursue it! When obstacles present themselves along the way, I rely on the power of God to conquer the challenge and advance the mission.  I LOVE being a leader!


More than being a woman and a leader, I LOVE being a SERVANT LEADER. I would offer that a woman’s divine calling as a life-giver makes her uniquely qualified to bear the mantle of servant leader. As a servant leader, she is not only concerned about the mission or attaining the prize, her chief concern is for the people she is leading towards that prize. As she leads, she will continually work to edify the precious souls entrusted to her. She will evaluate where individuals are in their journey of development and take inventory of how she can leverage her testimony, time, talent and treasure to partner with God to add value to their lives.  For this leading lady, people are her priority, and through the power of the Holy Spirit she is unapologetically dedicated to meeting the needs of people!


In exploring the Proverbs 31 Woman, we are presented with a woman so remarkable that she is famously referred to by the scriptures as Virtuous Woman. The Proverbs 31 Woman gains the trust, confidence and adoration of those she comes in contact with all by embracing who God created her to be, and by excelling in the roles entrusted to her. The Virtuous Woman was industrious, and thus a risk-taker.  She proactively stepped out to provide for her family, and even her staff of servants who attended to her household.


So often as a woman we’re portrayed as risk-averse. A woman’s desire for security and ultimately our need for personal safety, may cause us to recoil from fully embracing the leading lady role God called us to be. A woman’s desire for security is apart of who we are, but I believe there is great folly when a desire for security evolves into a reluctance to step out.


God called each of us to lead in an area, and ultimately when we embrace our heavenly identity as a leading lady, God is fully glorified by the lives that are transformed, renewed, saved and healed through our servant leadership.  In learning to lead, there are three steps that I have continuously relied upon throughout my journey as a leading lady.


Pray – By inquiring of the Lord through prayer and fasting we obtain the mind of Christ, and receive instructions on what God is calling us to do. God may not give us all the steps, nor will He show us the full mosaic He is masterfully painting. However, through prayer and seeking to hear His voice, we begin the process of gaining God’s insight and developing a God-sized perspective as we prepare to step out.

Trust – So often when God calls us to lead, a fear can overtake us as we begin to count the cost, which can result in paralysis by analysis. Women are thinkers, which is AWESOME! We often think, analyze, reanalyze and reanalyze only to delay our decision to trust and follow God as a leading lady. We learn in 1 John 4:17 that “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear…” When we fully realize the limitless depth, height and width of God’s unfailing love for us, we will no longer be paralyzed by our fears of failure or our fears of making a mistake. We, as leading ladies, will know that God’s love for us is so extravagant, that He has promised to be with us every step of the way!

Obey – James 2:17 tells us “Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead”.  Another way of saying this is faith in God’s spoken instruction, if not met by corresponding action, will not produce the intended results.  God is not only expecting us to pray and trust Him, God expects us to step out in obedience!  God wants us to step out even when the mission terrifies us and makes us feel insecure.  After we’ve prayed, and we’ve made the decision to trust, now it’s time to obey God and expect Him to move us along the path of becoming God’s leading lady.