I am Called

There are two types of leaders; some people come out of the womb eager and ready to lead the pack while others somehow stumble into their positions of responsibility.

Whether you’re a seasoned leader or need to be affirmed in your ability to lead, there are three things I want you to remember:

1. You have what it takes.

Often times, we hesitate to step out in positions of leadership because, on some level, we question our abilities. Moses was in the same boat. When God showed him his assignment, he reminded God of his speech impediment. How was he supposed to tell one of the most powerful men in the world to let his free labor go, when he couldn’t even get out a sentence? How often do we do the same thing? Am I smart enough? Can I really do this? People don’t even like me—how am I supposed to lead them? Listen—if God has called you to something, He will give you everything you need to succeed. By all means, be diligent: acquire knowledge and sharpen your skills. But do not ever give into the lie that you’re incapable of something that God has called you to. Like one of my favorite preachers said, “You are anointed to accomplish your assignment.” You have what it takes.

Which brings us to our next point:

2. Fear is a liar.

How often does fear hold us back? As it pertains to leadership, most fears really boil down to fear of failure. Because one of the most effective ways to overcome thataside from prayeris by taking actionable steps, I want to invite you to do a little exercise. Write down all the fears holding you back from moving forward with something you’ve been called to do. It might be fear that you don’t know enough, fear that you’ll make a fool of yourself, fear that you will have no support. What is it? Write it down. Now every day I would like you to write an action you can take to overcome that obstacle, be it real like not having enough knowledge about the field and needing to read some books, or a possible figment of your imagination like having absolutely no support in which case you can start by reaching out to your most trustworthy friends or family. Take things one day at a time and overcome the fear that was paralyzing you by taking a step each day. Little by little you will see yourself making progress in spite of the things that previously held you back.

And finally, in your diligence, don’t forget to remember…

3. God is in control.

He’s got this whole thing figured out. If things don’t progress at the pace you were hoping they would and you have done everything you could do, remember that He’s in control. If you take some detours in life you weren’t expecting, remember that He’s in control. If people you were depending on abandon you, remember that He is control. Understand this: God knows the end from the beginning. He called Gideon a mighty man of valor while his life was still being ruled by fear, because He knew that he would one day triumphantly lead the charge against Israel’s oppressors with only 300 men. He knew that in spite of Moses’ speech impediment, he would successfully lead to freedom a people held in captivity. He knew that in spite of the rule in the palace that would have justified her execution, Esther would go before the king and her request would be granted.

God is in control.

You've been called by God to do great things. He hasn't given you a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. So step out of the boat. Do that thing He's laid on your heart to do. You have what it takes and you're anointed to accomplish your assignment. See yourself as God sees you, and don’t give into the fears seeking to hold you back from doing what you’ve been called to do! You are a mighty child of God, equipped, empowered and entrusted to walk in the good works He's prepared for you to carry out before the foundations of the earth. Walk boldly knowing that He is with you.


Stelle Sam is a self-proclaimed tea, photography and music enthusiast, who enjoys life's simple pleasures. She firmly believes that in Christ, there are no hopeless situations. She shares this message of Hope though her 501(c)3 for purpose organization, Hope Awakening. You can sign up for her organization’s spiritual growth resources at http://eepurl.com/uZfCf.