Do you have aspirations to become healthier, accumulate wealth or to bring enrichment to the lives of people around you?  How about an insatiable desire to grow spiritually?


All of the aforementioned ambitions can be amalgamated under one notion called personal development. Personal development is the impetus that drives you closer to the person that God wants you to become and shapes your character into the One that He wishes you to exhibit [2 Corinthians 3:18]. With that said, It will take a considerable amount of effort on your part to seek out what that person looks like and it will take the rest of your life to converge to those characteristics. Nevertheless, don’t feel overwhelmed or be disheartened. God has a way of providing for the needs of everything He created [Matthew 6:31-32].


While personal development is a great notion it can be quite the futile endeavor without discipline. For most people discipline holds a bad connotation. On the outset, it seems stoic, harsh even. However, discipline is the mortar that holds the bridge of promotion together as you cross it. It is officially defined as “The quality of being able to behave and work in a controlled way which involves obeying particular rules or standards”.


On the quest for setting goals and being disciplined enough to achieve them you will have to formulate solid objectives, muster up enough patience to find what methods work best for you, and be diligent in tracking your weekly progress. In fact it will always be easier and more convenient for you to procrastinate especially when there are a ton of original series available on demand that are just waiting to place capture your brain in a blissful stupor.


For that reason we must embrace discipline and practice it as frequently as possible. Now I am not talking about being a grim miserable little troll. However, I am talking about looking for ways to heighten your level of willpower and discipline in various areas of your life. If there is something that you need to get done do so with swiftness. If you know that it’s a better idea for you to call instead of texting a response then do so with conviction. Discipline is like a muscle the more you use it the better you become at exerting it in new situations. As a consequence of being a vegetarian for 2 1/2 years I have learned that self control is truly a fruit of the Holy Spirit and has a natural propensity to be transferrable in many different areas of your life (not suggesting anyone becomes a vegetarian to test their aptitude for self control). 


When I think about discipline I am always reminded of Jesus in the moments leading up to his apprehension in the Garden of Gethsemane. Minutes before He was attained, Jesus exerted His willpower to not behave like the rest of His disciples who were constantly falling asleep. Instead He kept watch and prayed to the Father. This is quite the feat considering He knew that His time for crucification was near [Matthew 26:2]. Even before this moment Jesus predicted Judas’ betrayal [Matthew 26:23] and Peter’s denial of Him [Matthew 26:34].


Knowing that you will be abandoned by all of your followers and crucified as an innocent man has to be the most downtrodden, painful and stressful feelings that any human being can endure. Nevertheless, Jesus sallied forth, stuck to His Father’s business and fulfilled His perfect will.


In three years Jesus handled that business like a champ. Traveling from town to town conducting miracles, teaching what the Kingdom of Heaven was like and ultimately proclaiming the Good News. We can learn a lot about Jesus’ laser focus, tenacity, wisdom and will based off of His movements alone. He was not going to allow anything to interfere with His mission and keep His feet moving.


I truly believe that if we all can leverage the same focus and discipline that Jesus exhibited in the Garden of Gethsemane and throughout His entire ministry, then we will surely be on our way to unveiling all of what God has in stored for us.


Peace and Blessings,

Carrington Dennis 

IG: @carringtondennis