Confessions of An Emotional Woman

I am not what I feel


I started off this year excited. More than excited, I was hopeful. I just knew that this year was going to be better than the one before. I spent last year discovering my strength and I was ready to use it in 2017.

The only problem is.... I am an emotional woman. Yes, The stereotype applies to me. I am the friend who will call you screaming with excitement when you get into that grad school program; the daughter who was fuming with anger behind closed doors whenever her parents fought; the leader crying with team members as they are facing a rough season of life. I am an emotional woman. How could I be strong when such a large part of me is viewed as a weakness?

I’m learning emotions are not necessarily a good or bad thing, but a God given response to life’s events. It is natural and necessary to be aware of emotions, similar to being aware of surrounding environments. It ensures safety. Emotions build relationship with people through the expression of words. An invitation to say “me too”. You’re sad about the season finale of This is Us? Me too! Burpees make you angry? Me too! We connect through shared emotions. In fact, emotions can be so dominant, they can define us.


“Then God said, let there be light and there was light.” (Gen.1:3)


As bold as our emotions are, God has given us something more powerful and transforming to define ourselves. That something is the same thing He used to create the heavens and the earth, light and darkness, even man himself. God has given us the ability to define ourselves with our words.


Words….not something I’ve mastered. I often find myself rambling and causing confusion with my words. But what if words were meant to be used the way God uses them… to build. God tells us the power of life and death lies in the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). Almost like a tool.

Tools are small instruments with a monumental impact. Words are not simply an expression of emotions, but a tool to build identity. To speak encouragement, insert hope, and welcome love. Words provide the opportunity to tear down lies of emotions and shed light on the truth of identity. Instead of only using words to communicate with people, God wants to use them to build our character.


Let’s choose to build the identity we want with our words:


  1. Separate the emotions from the truth

    1. What negative emotions are dominating your thinking?

    2. Which biblical truth will crush those emotions?

  2. Create a list of words you want to live by (ex. below)

    1. I am loved by God and find my identity in Him

    2. I love people and think the best of them

    3. I am not easily offended because God’s love lives in me

    4. I am not a rejected soul because I am continuously pursued by God

    5. I walk by faith, not by sight

  3. Speak these words with confidence everyday

    1. Create a morning routine that includes your words to live by

    2. Stand in the mirror and tell yourself who you are

  4. Watch God define your identity!


Check out this link for more insight on words to live by:


Pauline Russell