My Fierce is ... Fearless

To be fearless is not to never feel fear at all

My fierce is fearless. The literal definition of fearless is "lacking fear". And although to some extent I agree with this definition, mine differs. To me being fearless is trusting God in my doubt, my worry, and in my fears. Yes, my fears. To be fearless is not to never feel fear at all, but rather feeling fearful and choosing to run to the One that can calm my heart just as He does the seas and storms. Growing up, I always struggled with fear. Name it and I was scared of it. And this caused a strain on my trust in Christ. I never realized that the spirit of fear is not of God, but rather Satan. Once realizing that it was a spiritual warfare, I dug myself in the Word and fasted over the course of a couple months. And one thing that was constantly placed on my heart was God's perfect love.

God's love, which supersedes and surpasses every possible fear that I could ever feel or imagine. Not only that but because of what Jesus did on the Cross, He conquered not only death, but every fear too. The more I prayed, the more God drenched me in His love. This love soon became so overwhelming, that my heart had no room for fear. God's perfect love casts out all fear (1 John 4:18). Therefore, I do not need to be afraid. I do not need to worry. Not only is God with me, but He loves me. 

Be blessed and be fearless


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