Unapologetically Fierce: Deborah

She knew that God gave her everything she needed for life and godliness because she knew who God was

As soon as I heard the topic for this month I couldn’t help but scream out in my head “Deborah”! Who was unapologetically fierce and a woman? Deborah was! Do you know she as the only female judge written about in the Bible? That’s a big deal guys! Her story shows us how God does not respect societal norms and what we can do in our lives when we walk confidently in the giftings and plans God establishes in our life. We let the lies of the enemy tell us we’re unqualified when God has given us everything we need to do the seemingly impossible! Let’s learn a little bit about being fierce through her example.


Let me tell you a little bit about her story.  You can find out more about her in Judges 4 and 5 but here’s a quick rundown.  She was the only female judge in the Bible and she led Israel for a few years.  Her major claim to fame was basically telling Barak, a military leader at the time, that he was a punk because he wouldn’t go do what God told him to do without her tagging along. Another woman named Jael ended up killing their enemy instead of Barak.  Jael got the glory and Barak now goes down in history as the dude that had to have a girl tag along with him before he would do what God called him to do.  


Side-note: let’s not miss out on the blessings God has for us because we’re too afraid to go it alone. If He told us we can, rest assured we have what we need to get it done!


But back to Deborah.  We can learn three things from her example that will make us unapologetically fierce in our own lives!

  1. She knew she was called

Now we don’t get the chance to see her life before she became a judge but just by how she shows up on the scene I can tell she was fierce! She sat under a tree and people came to her for judgment and wisdom.  She was comfortable.  She knew that: God called her for such of time as this (Esther 4:14); her gift was irrevocable (Romans 11:29); God would give her the words to speak to those who were hurting; and that she had the tongue of the learned (Isaiah 50:4).  We could take a page out of her book and walk confidently in the fact that God says all these things about us too.  When we know who God is and what He says about us we can’t help but do fierce things!


       2. She knew she was backed

She knew that God gave her everything she needed for life and godliness because she knew who God was (2 Peter 1:3)! I believe we sometimes think we’re out here on our own, just winging it, but that’s not the truth at all! God has major plans for us and is always working on our behalf.  He says He’s working on things as we sleep (Psalm 127:2)! Deborah knew that to be true so she could just sit back and give direction freely.


       3. She knew to confidently speak

She didn’t do this in her own power.  She spoke what God told her to speak and with that, came a freedom!  She summoned Barak and told him plainly what God planned to do through him (Judges 4:6-7).  Just like Deborah we don’t have to worry about what to speak because God gives us the words! We have the tongue of the learned (Isaiah 50:4) and God gives us wisdom with kindness.  

See, she was confident in her dealings with people because she was confident in the God who backed her.  She was able to speak boldly because she knew she had all she needed and that God gives the words.  Let’s take a page out of Deborah’s book: Let’s speak with boldness and be unapologetically fierce!

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