An excuse is shaping your life around anticipated failure.
— Amaedi Etukudo

As a teacher I hear a plethora of excuses. My least favorite excuse and conversation is this one:

Me: Why aren’t you doing your work?

Child of … God: I gave BillyBob my book

Me: -_-

Me again: If they get 100% and you get a 0 what good does that do? It’s your book, your grade and your report card that will be taken home

Child of … God: (looks at me like I stole their Hot Cheetos)…

Child of … God: BillyBob Ms. Etukudo said you have to give me back my book

Me: (Exits scene)


So, I thought. If the people I follow on IG, Snap etc. are getting their results… what good does that do for me? It’s my journey, my goals and my results.

What good are your habits doing for you?

We often fall into the trap of waiting until the first of next month, waiting for the next paycheck, waiting till we can’t fit into a dress or unfortunately waiting for the doctor to give us bad news.

Before I rant let me define what I think an excuse is. An excuse is shaping your life around anticipated failure.

So many of us set goals and have no intention of following through with it. We write it down because it looks cute but then nothing changes. We eat what we want and blame it on cravings. We miss a workout because we don’t feel like being in pain. We don’t track our food because we’d have to face the harsh reality that eating a salad for lunch and a pack of brownies for dinner, doesn’t quite balance out. Now believe me I’m guilty of this. What changed? I’m so glad you asked!  It finally hit me that my results are based on my ability to persevere through the cravings, tiredness or just plain laziness. I have goals and I’m tired of not reaching them. My excuses stop now!

 My diktat from here on out is to never let an excuse be the reason I fail. I will not justify my failure by waiting to restart my “fitness journey” every new month. My excuses will no longer be the reason why I don’t reach my goals. A set back is not the end, but a call for new boundaries.

 I am fully aware that life happens but, if you wait for life to be perfect, your goals will remain empty words in writing. What excuses have kept you back? What will you do differently? Who is in your corner rooting for you? Why are you going to wait another day?


Let’s Get Practical

1.      Food: Checkout ‘Eat This Not That’. There are a lot of alternatives to your favorite snacks

2.      Exercise: Do a quick 15minutes at home workout. This can be done in bouts throughout the evening as you wind down

3.      Accountability: One of my favorite apps is my fitness pal. You get to actively track your meals and you can have friends view your progress as well #win


#Excuses #NoMoreExcuses


Amaedi Etukudo


Founder of Chadash Fitness